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Michigan Business Entities- The Limited Liability Company (LLC)

Michigan Business Entities- The Limited Liability Company (LLC)

April 29, 2015 in business, LLCs, Limited Liability Company


Many startup companies, entrepreneurs, self-employed businesses, and developing organizations are choosing to organize and form LLCs as opposed to traditional corporations because the LLC is typically cheaper to form, less expensive to maintain and operate, has more options with four choices of federal income taxation, and has fewer annual filing and recording formalities than corporations.  It is important that you build a solid foundation upon which to launch your business endeavor.  Take the right steps by consulting with an experienced business attorney to make sure you are building a solid foundation upon which to launch or expand your vision.

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Is an LLC right for you? 

If you have questions about starting a Limited Liability Company, you should contact LLC and corporate business attorney  Matthew Abraham or call 810.750.0440 and determine the best business strategy for you.


Is a Limited Liability Company (LLC) right for you?

So What Type of Business Entity Do I Need?

This is the first question to ask and answer when preparing to engage in or launch a new business venture and even when forming an entity for an established business.  While there are many benefits of forming a limited liability company (LLC), it is important to understand why you should consider forming an LLC over other available types of entities for your business.