Why Some Entrepreneurs Succeed--and Some Don't

From a rational point of view, starting a business is crazy: The failure rate is high, the emotional toll is high, and the likelihood of having to work extremely hard for potentially little reward is incredibly high.

But every year millions of people take the entrepreneurial plunge, and many succeed. Why do some succeed while others don’t?
— Inc. editor-in-chief Eric Schurenberg

This TED Talk video is an excellent demonstration of why some endeavors succeed while others fail.  There are an array of skills and talents necessary to ensure the success of a new business endeavor.  It provides relevant insight applicable to each of our own opportunities and what we may need to effectively launch our vision.

Joe is the founder/CEO of bosiDNA.com, featured in the Wall Street Journal for its breakthrough technology and award-winning accelerator. Entrepreneurship has given us Edison and Ford, Branson and Jobs. But has entrepreneurship seen its best days?

He explains why its best days are still ahead -- and how a breakthrough discovery about entrepreneurial behavior is unlocking entrepreneurship's greatest potential around the globe.

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Launching a Startup? Drive Success with the Right Mindset

Launching a Startup? Drive Success with the Right Mindset